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Media market in Poland is the largest in Eastern and Central Europe and has attracted investment from foreign media groups. There is diversity of information and political institutions have little opportunity to influent media.

Main TV broadcasters in Poland are:

TVP - public TV, which holds the main channels TVP1 (main news service Wiadomości everyday at 7.30 p.m.) and TVP2, information channel TVP Info, international TVP Polonia (the films are often broadcasted with English subtitles), sport channel TVP Sport and cultural TVP Kultura

TVN - commercial broadcaster with the main channel TVN (leading news service in Poland Fakty everyday at 7 p.m.), news channel TVN24, business channel TVN CNBC Biznes and a lot of thematic channels like nSport, TVN Meteo or TVN Turbo

Polsat - commercial broadcaster, main channel is Polsat, but it holds also the news channel Polsat News and a sport channel Polsat Sport


The biggest and the most influential newspapers are:

  • Gazeta Wyborcza (in every bigger city it has also a regional version)
  • Polska The Times (in every bigger city it has also a regional version)
  • Rzeczpospolita
  • Dziennik

There are also two main tabloids printed every days:

  • Fakt
  • Super Express
Main weekly magazines:
  • Wprost
  • Polityka
  • Newsweek Polska
  • Gość Niedzielny
  • Gazeta Polska
  • in English:
  • The Warsaw Voice
  • Warsaw Business Journal

There is also one Polish news agency called Polska Agencja Prasowa (PAP).


Main stations are:
  • Polish Radio - public, operates station 1PR (when you can hear the news in English and some other languages), 2 PR (classical music) and 3 PR (music station); also Radio Polonia
  • RMF FM - commercial, operates also RMF Maxx and RMF Classic
  • Radio Zet - commercial, operates also Chilli Zet
  • Radio Maryja - religious

Internet Sites

If we concern the news websites, the most worth visiting are:

and in English