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Hotel Branicki

* * * * HOTEL BRANICKI is a first class hotel reflecting the atmosphere of pre-war Białystok and the tradition of its Hotel Ritz.
The Hotel's location in a quiet part of the city centre, its stylish image, welcoming atmosphere and its top level of service provide an ideal place for work and rest. 
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Białystok, ul. Zamenhofa 25

Best Western Hotel Cristal

Best Western Hotel Cristal is a building of over a 50-year tradition, which is situated on Lipowa Street, one of the most beautiful streets in the city centre. The hotel has been rebuilt in the last years to be a very modern but intimate place now, its interior style being delightful and its furnishing sophisticated.

Situated in the city centre, Cristal Hotel provides a great opportunity of visiting the most interesting places in Bialystok. In its close vicinity you will find St. Nicolaus Orthodox Church, the Parish Church, St. Roch Church, and a pearl of the late Baroque, namely the Branicki Palace.
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Białystok, Lipowa 3/5

Hotel - Dworek Tryumf

Księżyno, ul. Klepacka 1


Białowieża, Krzyże 2a

Hotel Gromada Łomża

Łomża, Rz±dowa 1 A

Hotel Golebiewski

Białystok, ul. Pałacowa 7

Villa Tradycja

Białystok, ul. Włókiennicza 5

Hotel 3 Trio

Białystok, Hurtowa 3