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Polish deputies trade barbs as PM addresses Euro Parliament

A speech by Prime Minister Donald Tusk at the European Parliament Wednesday outlining Poland's priorities for its six-month presidency of the EU and lauding the bloc won praise from top officials in Strasbourg but sparked a slanging match between Polish Euro-deputies.

Tusk, whose government took over the rotating EU presidency July 1, called for lifting internal barriers "and the courage to expand Europe.”

"Europe is the best place on earth, the best thing ever invented,” he told Euro deputies.

But Zbigniew Ziobro, a Euro-MP from Poland's opposition Law and Justice (PiS) party, told Tusk, "The success of the Polish presidency is possible -- when you and your government really subscribe to the values you spoke about so beautifully today."

That prompted Marek Siwiec, a Euro-deputy from Poland's leftwing Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) party, to accuse Ziobro of abuse of power when he was justice minister in a previous government.

Polish media commented that an unsuspecting Europe had been given an unnecessary taste of Poland's bitter domestic politics.

source: warsawvoice.pl

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