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Alpine Bau drops A1 contract due to conflict with Poland’s road authority

The Austrian construction company Alpine Bau said yesterday it was withdrawing from the contract for the building of a highway segment in Poland and that it may also withdraw from two other road projects in Poland due to a conflict with Polish road construction authorities.

As its reason the company named failure to reach agreement with Poland's General Directorate for National Roads and Highways (GDDKiA) over the completion of the bridge – the last segment on an almost-completed A1 stretch from Swierklany to Mszana, southern Poland.

In April 2012 construction authorities in the southern city of Katowice halted work on the bridge owing to construction errors. In June of that year Alpine Bau was given until August 31, 2013 to remove the errors and reinforce the bridge.

However, the bridge construction MA532 is considered impossible to build. Alpine said that the static design of the cable-stayed bridge is considered controversial among experts, FriedlNews.com reported.

The company said it had proposed other professional and constructive solutions to GDDKiA but the latter, as a reaction to this, has reportedly demanded the payment of a bank guarantee in the amount of EUR12 million.

On Tuesday, the Austrian company said to have taken legal action against the unjust and illegal methods.

Alpine is engaged in two other projects in Poland: the expressway S5 between Poznan and Wroclaw in western Poland and the country road DK 16 in the northeast of Poland.

In case no agreement with GDDKiA is reached Alpine may withdraw from the contracts completely, the company said.

source warsawvice.pl

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