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Poland protests Dutch anti-immigrant portal

Poland's Ombudsman Irena Lipowicz on Friday protested to Holland against a website discriminating eastern Europeans. The site, sponsored by Holland's strongly rightwing Party for Freedom (PVV) and its leader Geert Wilders, urges Netherlanders to report on immigrants.

The PVV site is asking visitors, “Are they causing you problems? Did you lose your job to a Pole, Bulgarian, Romanian or other central or east European? We want to know.”

It tells potential complainants to specify instances where immigrants had been involved in “crime, alcoholism, drug abuse, dumping household waste and prostitution”.

Within 24 hours, after the website had been launched on February 8, more than 14,000 complaints were logged on the site.

In a letter to Dutch Equal Treatment Commission President Laurien Koster, Lipowicz voiced "deep concern" over the portal, which presents east-Europeans as petty criminals, accuses them of taking away work from the Dutch and encourages Dutch citizens to "report misconduct or crimes by immigrants from central-east Europe".

The EU commissioner for justice Viviane Reding called the website “an open call to intolerance”, as quoted by the Irish Times.

The commissioner said: “In Europe we support freedom. We solve our problems by showing more solidarity, not by telling tales on fellow citizens.” She added that Brussels supported the principle of “an open continent where citizens can move, work and study where they will”.

The PVV website has also been criticized as an affront to universal and EU values by European Parliament President Martin Schulz.

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has been called before the European Parliament in Strasbourg to declare the position of his government on the controversial website and explain his deafening silence on this issue. However, he refused to condemn the PVV site. “We do not comment on initiatives of Party of Freedom,” he said.

On a request from Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, the European Parliament has decided to hold a debate on the anti-immigrant website at its next plenary session on March 13.

source: warsawvoice.pl

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