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Rail traffic controller faces charges after deadly train crash

A railway signal controller will be charged for unintentionally causing Poland's worst train crash in 22 years that left 16 people dead and 57 others injured, prosecutor Tomasz Ozimek told a press conference on Monday.

Two trains headed for Warsaw and Cracow collided head-on in southern Poland late Saturday as they inexplicably found themselves on one track.

An investigation so far indicates that the controller made a mistake while setting the mechanisms routing the trains. “While on duty this person directed a train to Cracow onto an incorrect railway track. That led to a head-on collision with a train to Warsaw,” Ozimek said. He has not yet been formally accused because he is in a state of shock and under doctors' care, Ozimek said. The controller faces up to eight years in jail if found guilty.

The prosecutors are also are questioning another traffic controller on duty at the time of the accident.

Investigators have identified 15 of the 16 bodies found in and around the twisted wreckage, including two of the three train drivers. Of the 57 injured passengers, 47 remain in hospital, four of them in intensive care. The wreckage was removed from the tracks early Monday and technicians were working to restore traffic.

source: warsawvoice.pl

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