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Karpacz and The Wang Temple

Karpacz is situated on both sides of a 7 km long serpentine road. It is very often visited by tourists who treat it as staging area for their escapades to the top of Śnieżka ( 1602 m ) and to the Karkonosze Mountains. The greatest attraction of Karpacz is The Wang Temple dating from the 13th century. It is a protestant church, small and wooden. Over 150 years ago it was dismantled and taken from Vang in Norway, because it was too small for the Norwegian parish. Bought by Frederic Wilhelm IV, it was firstly supposed to be placed in a museum in Berlin, but finally it ended up in Karpacz Górny. The church was a bit redecorated and it is now highly appreciated by tourists. Its main advantage is the specific architecture: the church was built with a special 12th century method of using no nails while joining pieces of wood. The Wang Temple is thought to be one of the oldest churches in Poland.
While staying in Karpacz a small but interesting Toy Museum is worth visiting. The view on the Karkonosze Mountains from the chairlift to Kopa ( 625m ) is one of the tourist must sees. Also the nearby Western City in Ścięgny is very attractive. You can watch there:
12.00 - gunmen's duel
1 pm - cowboy or Indian dance show
3.10 pm - a western scene performance
4.30 pm on Saturday and Sunday - Rodeo Show
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