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Dunajec River Gorge

The mountains, the river and the beauty of plants growing around the route make the cruise through the Dunajec River Gorge an unforgettable adventure. You take the special raft (used in the past to transport wooden blocks to the sea ports) and your guide is a raftsman called "flisak", dressed in a traditional suit, who directs the raft using a long stick. The water is deep and not always calm, so the emotions are guaranteed as well as breathtaking views. The Dunajec river leads us between the rocks of the Pieniny mountains, the forests and meadows. We can admire the wild nature of both Polish and Slovakian land, because the route follows the country border.

More: http://www.pieninypn.pl/index.html?id=30520&location=f&msg=1&lang_id=UK


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