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One of the cities which develops the fastest in Poland now. With its perfectly renovated old town, Wroc³aw is an amazing place to walk between beautifully illuminated buildings and monuments, by the river or next to the magnificent Cathedral. Wroc³aw can also be proud of the Centennial Hall (1913) which figures on the UNESCO list. But the real treasure of this city is Panorama Rac³awicka, an outstanding painting. Presented in a special, round building, the panoramic picture (114 metres long, 15 tall) is hung all around us on the wall, giving unforgettable impressions. The image is over one hundred years old and it shows the battle of Rac³awice (1794), when the Poles defeated the Russian Army. Watching Panorama Rac³awicka means being a participant of this battle.
More: http://www.wroclaw.pl/m46360/p46363.aspx

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