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Warszawa / Warsaw

The biggest, the most famous and the capital city of Poland. Totally razed to the ground by the Germans in 1944 and rebuilt succesfully, Warsaw is the place which must be seen by anyone who visits the country. The king of Poland, Zygmunt III, who moved the capital here from Cracow at the end of the 16th century is commemorated on the central square of the city - his famous, tall monument, The Column of Zygmunt is one of the main symbols of the town and stands in front of the characteristic building of the Royal Castle. Apart from the castle, there are at least two outstanding palaces worth seeing in the city: The Palace of Wilanów (17th century) with great gardens around it and the classical Łazienki Palace (18th century), surrounded by the large, perfectly planned park with the monument of the widely known piano composer Fryderyk Chopin placed by the pond and colourful peackocks walking between the trees.
If we want to know more about the history of Warsaw, we have to go to the beautiful Powązki necropolis or The Warsaw Rising Museum - a modern museum which presents in an unusual way the most memorable period of the second world war, when the whole city was burning and all the citizens were fighting for freedom.

More: http://e-warsaw.pl/2/index.php


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