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Kozłówka - The Museum of Zamoyski Family

Here the time stopped just before the war. Nothing was damaged during the fights between 1939-45, fortunately the whole complex survived also the years of comunism. It makes the palace and the park so unique - the rooms inside the building look as if they were left by their inhabitants only for a moment. Rich, gilded furniture and copiousness of old portraits move us to the times when the Zamoyski family were living here. Among the pictures you can find the image of one of the former owners of the palace, Zofia Zamoyska, who was chosen the most beautiful woman of Europe in her times.
The palace is surrounded by a park, which consists of forest and a French garden with hundreds of roses.
In the former coach-house the exhibition of Socialist Realism Art is placed. The gallery shows the collection from the first half of 1950s and it contains over 1600 sculptures, paintings, drawings, posters and fabrics being a sorrowful part of history of Poland.
The museum is open from 29 of March till 13 of December 2009.

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