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Sto這we Mountains

Not very high, suitable for a one-day trip or for a longer march, Sto這we Mountains can show us the unique views. The name "Sto這we" means "table" and connects with their specific shape - it is longitudinal and flat. The mountains were formed over 30 mln years ago and they are of the part of Sudety - one of the oldest mountains in Europe. Partly covered by the forest, The Sto這we mountains offer amazing routes, leading through the natural labyrynths of trees and rocks. One of the most interesting ways goes to the highest peak - Szczeliniec Wielki, another popular is called B貫dne Ska造 (Errant Rocks) and guides you among strangely formed rocks of  different size, shape and individual name.

More: http://www.pngs.pulsar.net.pl/a_index.html

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Bono March 13th, 2009 — 15:04
Getting there take good shoes and take care on slippery paths - especially when it is raining

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