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Gierłoż - Wolf's Lair of Adolf Hitler

While he was realizing his damaging mission in Europe, Adolf Hitler had his main base in Gierłoż. It was called "Woolf earthwork" and during the second world war, exactly between 1941 and 1944) played a role of a Nazi decision center. Perfectly hidden in the forest, a huge base wasn't seen even from above, avoiding aircraft attacks. A few metres thick concrete walls were supposed to protect Führer and his closest coworkers. Now the majority of buildings is destroyed (were blown up while Nazis were leaving), but their size still impresses strongly. There is a museum also, set in one of survived buildings, where you can find things which used to belong to Hitler. One of those found most recently is the radiator which had been placed in his room.

More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolf%27s_Lair


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