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An amazing city with quite a complicated history. In the past, a member of prestigeous Hanza city association and a part of Polish Kingdom. Later, taken by the Germans and after the first world war left as a free town with both Polish and German citizens. After the second world war it returned to Poland and in the 80s had been the cradle of Solidarity movement which changed the political system, defeating the communists. Gdańsk has its own international nature, and its own architecture. Famous for the characteristic flat tower of  St. Mary’s church (we can enjoy a marvellous view from the top of it – just if we decide to climb up 400 steps), Długa Street from the Golden Gate to the Green Gate and for Saint Dominic’s Fair during which thousands of people from all over the Europe come to buy things they couldn’t buy anywhere else.


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Fathi March 29th, 2009 — 13:03
I have spent Three years in Gdansk as a post graduate student. I was with my family an we found Gdansk worth seeing and visiting. It is a great city.

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