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Polish history is marked with numerous wars and battles, but nobody knows why the Battle of Grunwald is the most famous and even small children remember the date of it and legends connected with defeating The Teutonic Order in 1410. Neither was the battle the most crucial for the history nor Polish souvereigns took advantage of it. But the victory was so spectacular at the moment that it has stayed in peoples’ minds till these days. Now in Grunwald we have merely a field with a monument and a small museum, but once a year (a weekend closest to 15th July) the field changes into a great festival of medieval times. The battle is performed by knights’ brotherhoods and the whole surrounding (tents, stalls, clothing) is arranged as if it was in 15th century.

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Irene September 15th, 2009 — 09:41
I was there this summer! It's incredible!!!
IRI August 28th, 2009 — 12:35
Is it possible to find a film from the event?
John March 9th, 2009 — 16:07
I see...
Cito March 9th, 2009 — 14:40
Yes, you are right :) I have been there and it was great!
John December 29th, 2008 — 09:38
Wow! It was great!

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