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Third city in Poland as far as the number of people is considered (750 000 inhabitants). Famous for its textile industry tradition, but also for two significant places known all around the country. First of them is the Piotrkowska Street - one of the longest and most characteristic commercial arteries in Europe, with a length of 4.9 km. We can say that the street is even older than the city, which was build along the way. The other widely known monument of Łódź is The Poznański Palace, where the Museum of the History of Łódź is located. The Palace, built in an eclectic style in 19th century, was firstly thought to be a residence with apartments, living rooms and a dance hall, but also storerooms and offices. It was rebuilt a lot of times, functioned as the office of the voivodeship administration and finally has become the museum.
More: http://www.poznanskipalace.muzeum-lodz.pl/angielski.html

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