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Międzyrzecz Fortified Region MFR/MRU

The former military defence line between Odra and Warta rivers, in Western Poland were supposed to help Nazi Germany in probable war against France and its allies. Built in 1930s, the fortifications are still stretching over 100 km, remaining one of the largest and most interesting systems of this kind in Europe. Even though they were planned to be the most technologically advanced Nazi system (as an element of "Ostwall" - Eastern Wall), they appeared to be useless - neither to fight against France, nor Soviet Union, which finally managed to conquer MFR in 3 days.

Now the network of underground tunnels and concrete defence structures is available for tourists, who can choose between several options of visiting - from exhibitions and shorter walks (1,5 h), through more difficult ones (2,5 h) to the most demanding adventure trips, which last even 8 h. The longest route is also connected with visiting an underground bats refuge - because MFR, despite being a historical place, is also the biggest european wintering area for those rare mammals. Unfortunalely, in summer they usually leave the place, but then the visitors can see the specimen kept in terrarium and the unique exhibition dedicated to bats.

More: http://www.bunkry.pl/popup2.php?lang=pl&id=34

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