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Listed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites since 1997, Toruń is known as the city of Kopernik, students and... cookies. The place where Mikołaj Kopernik was living. He was the astronomer who "stopped the sun" and made the world believe that it is the Earth which goes around the sun, not the opposite. Now the astronomical tradition is continued and the University of Toruń is the Polish centre of this scientific discipline. Known for its nice atmosphere, the city is inhabited by a lot of students what makes the local society really young. It is especially visible in the beautifully renovated old town, where many of them meet, spending their time in the open air during the day and later in the pubs which are placed in almost every basement of the old tenement houses surrounding the central square. There is also one specific reason the flocks of tourists come to Toruń and its name is Toruń gingerbread cookies. Being produced for centuries, they are sold all around the city in special shops. They have various shapes and a very special taste which obliges every stranger to check it.

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Biskupin - the wooden castle

The oldest human estate on Polish teritory was discovered here, in Biskupin. Archaeologists managed to make a perfect reconstruction of a whole settlement. So now you can enter the fortified settlement, surrounded by a palisade and imagine that over two thousand years ago people lived here with their families, with their farm animals. In summer it is possible to enjoy the events showing everyday life of Biskupin ancient community - including making pots out of clay or producing weapon. It is possible to take part in year-round museum lessons too. You can join The Everyday Life of Ancient Biskupin Inhabitants, Prehistoric Hunting or The Story of Coin. More: http://www.biskupin.pl/index_en.php?

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