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Kamień Pomorski

Hidden in the north-west corner of Poland, Kamień Pomorski is a small city with only ten thousand inhabitants. Kamien Pomorski is one of the oldest towns in West Pomerania but its Polish history is quite short - it has belonged to Poland since 1945. Earlier, it was a part of Germany (exactly: Prussia) and Sweden. Here, in 1745 the scientist Ewald von Kleist invented a Leyden jar - a kind of a capacitor, a device that "stores" static electricity between two electrodes on the inside and outside of a jar. We can name it a prototype of our modern battery. From that times we have a 18th century manor house where the scientist was living. But the real treasure of Kamień Pomorski is the cathedral complex founded by Duke Casimir I. in 1175 and built in a romanesque style, which has the only virydary in Poland inside. In 2005 this complex was also added to the President's of Poland list of history monuments, what gave this unique place even more prestige.

More: http://kamienpomorski.pl

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