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Bałtów - Jurassic Park

A few years ago scientists found a mysterious footprint near Bałtów. Shortly after, it appeared that it was a dinosaur remnant. 155 milion years earlier there had been a warm sea with various jurassic organisms like ammonites or corals.

Now The Jurassic Park of Bałtów offers attractions not only for people who love prehistory or are declared fans of Spielberg's Jurassic Park, but also for those who have never seen it. Dozens of dinosaurs - from a relatively small pterodactyl to their king tyrannosaur - which are presented as natural size figures can impress everyone.

The whole exposition is thought to be a journey through time, so we get to know certain species in chronological order. And if we are tired at the end of the journey, we may have fun also taking photos inside huge dinosaur jaws.


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