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Białowieski National Park

Białowieża is placed in the very east of Poland, in the middle of the Białowieża Forest where the European bisons live. As an endangered species, they were taken special care in this region and they have become one of the most valuable natural treasures in this part of Europe. Through the years, Białowieża was the Polish kings' hunting area. Now there is still a park there and some buildings reminding former residencies. Tourists come here to admire the nature - with its rich hotel infrastructure, Białowieża is a great place to spend the time when we explore the wildest nature reserve in Poland.

More: http://www.staff.amu.edu.pl/~zbzw/ph/pnp/bial.htm

For Bison Calendar see: http://www.wrotapodlasia.pl/en/Environment/Bison+Calendar/


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Rospuda Valley

Rospuda Valley is a very attractive canoe route. Being a reserve of many endangered species, both plants and animals. There are fewer and fewer places in Europe where you can meet deers, wolves, beavers and white eagles. The Valley of Rospuda leads also through unique peat bogs, extremely rare nowadays. Famous for quarells and Greenpeace events beacuse of the ring road which had beed supposed to build around Augustów, was finally left without the road and now is one of the most popular tourist attractions.
More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rospuda

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One of the most marvellous views in Suwalszczyzna region is a post-KAMEDULSKI monastery during the sunset. The lakes around the building which reflect sun rays create a unique impression. The monastery inside is also an interesting architectural example. It consists of a big church and a lot of small hermitages. They impress with their calmness, majesty and neighbourhood of  the nature - clear lakes and mysteriuos forests. And for tourists who look for traditional food - there's a bakery nearby which sells fantastic local cakes called "sękacz" and "mrowisko".

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