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Are you planning to visit Poland?

TopofPoland.com is the partner for everyone considering visiting Poland. Our goal is to make your trip a nice and enjoyable experience.

Poland is an unusual country with wonderful nature, fantastic geographical regions and numerous historical monuments that have witnessed over a thousand-year-old history of the nation. From among hundreds or even thousands of interesting sites we have chosen those which are the most interesting and most worth seeing. We placed them on the Top 20 list.

This website will help you choose the greatest attractions of the regions you intend to visit. It will help you find a place to sleep - bookmark Hotels and Where to sleep, a good meal - bookmark Food, or get to know what has recently happened in Poland that might interest tourists, and what will soon take place - Events. If you want to know more about Poland, click the Key facts bookmark. It is indispensable to know at least some realities of the country you visit - go to Practical info to get them.

We do not intend to be Polish encyclopedia or Polish information agency supplying information on all subjects. On www.topofpoland.com we offer data useful for tourists, including important links, even to films about Poland from Youtube.

We want to enable you to plan and spend your stay in Poland, even the shortest one, in the most interesting, pleasant and cheapest way. And, of course, not missing TOP attractions...

The choice of recommended attractions, including TOP 20, has been made on the bases of the UNESCO world heritage list, European Heritage List, the list of historical monuments in Poland acknowledged by the president of Poland, taking into account the number of tourists visiting given places, but also on the bases of the clue worked out by the editors of www.topofpoland.com.

The site is in English because it is a universal communicative language, but it is dedicated to tourists of the whole world who would like to see wonderful Polish attractions. We tried to write all the descriptions using an easy and understandable language so that they are accessible also to those who have just started learning English.

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