Poland unforgettable memories

Sports and Leisure


Poland is the right place for every sport, from wonderful walking, cycling and hiking to mountain climbing. Polish lakes and The Baltic Sea coast is a wonderful playground for the adrenaline seekers and adventurers. It's an ideal place for sailors, both beginners and the true sea dogs. The Hel Peninsula, The Puck Bay, The Lebsko Lake are amazing places for windsurfers and kiters who can find there sporting facilities and nice accommodation.

The fans of canoeing and rafting will be happy to use Polish clean rivers of the whitewater type (e.g. Dunajec) and the calm ones like The River Krutynia. Numerous stud farms and riding centres invite you to go horse riding both in parcours and in beautiful forests and countryside. Bungee-jumpers, alpinists, speleologists, mountain bikers, but also those who just want to admire landscape will find a lot of ways to spend their time in Poland.

Quad or 4x4 offroad adventure, paintball, golf courses in wonderful surrounding of nature, baloon flights, are just a few examples of activities which, usually ended by the campfire, are unforgettable experience.


Interesting sport events take place nearly every day in Poland. The most numerous are of course at weekends. With the exception of the league football matches all the events are recommendable.

Avoid league football matches and football pitch surroundings just after the matches because you may be trapped in fights between football clubs fans, which usually need police intervention. If you insist on watching a match, go there with your Polish friends who are well aware of the realities. When leaving there - be sure your insurance card is with you ;)

Football Championship Euro 2012

Stadiums, hotels, roads and other investments are being realized in four Polish cities chosen by UEFA: Warsaw (http://e-warsaw.pl/2/index.php ), Poznan (http://www.poznan.pl/mim/public/turystyka/index.html?lang=en ), Gdansk (http://www.en.euro.gdansk.gda.pl/ ) and Wroclaw (http://www.wroclaw.pl/ms/english/ ) (the alternative places are - Krakow and Chorzow )  for hosting The Euro 2012 Football Championship.

Poland was chosen by UEFA for hosting The Euro 2012 together with Ukraine with the idea that The European Championships will be held in four Polish cities and in four Ukrainian. Despite lots of problems seen by UEFA representatives in Ukraine, president Yushchenko said that by May 2009 six Ukrainian cities will have been in compliance with all the UEFA criteria.

See the stadium animations: