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Every bigger city has some theatres of different kinds - including dramatic theatres, musical or dance theatres, puppet theatres or so called off theatres, representing alternative streams. The richest variety of this kind of entertainment can be found in Warsaw, where over 50 theatres exist, starting form amazing National Theatre and The Great Theatre - National Opera. Next must-see place for theatre fans is Cracow, with its Bagatela or Groteska Theatre among many others. When you plan to visit Poland in summer, some of the theatres can be closed for short periods, but then another attractions appear - for example, in Gdynia every summer, the Theatre on The Beach shows its performances, giving its spectators not only the pleasure of enjoying the play, but also opportunity to watch it from the auditorium placed a few metres from the sea.

The tickets to the theatres vary from around 20 to 200 PLN, depending on the type of the theatre, performance and, of course, place in the auditorium. Tickets in the city theatres are usually cheaper, more expensive are those in musical theatres and the most expensive offer the operas. The discounts for students are often available.

To gain more information about theatres in Poland and look for theatres in the city you want to visit, see: http://www.e-teatr.pl/en/index.html


Nowadays, Poles usually go to the big cinema centres, placed like in other parts of the EU in huge shopping and entertainment centres in the cities. There, all the films are shown in the same time as in other EU countries. Usually, English or American films are presented with its original soundtrack and only Polish subtitles are added. This system makes it easier for foreigners to watch the films. Dubbing is used only in cartoons and films for children.

If you do not like the climate of big cinema cities, you can choose one of the small cinemas - usually, there is at least one of this type in each city. They offer more intimate atmosphere, cheaper tickets and sometimes the films which are not possible to be seen in huge complexes. Sometimes, it may occur that the films currently shown there appear a bit later than in big centres, but it happens rather in small cities.

Tickets cost from 10 to 25 PLN, depending of the time of the show; discounts for children and students are always available.

To find the cinema in the city you want, see: http://www.filmweb.pl/BrowseCinemas?city.id=28


Poland is included in almost all European tours of famous stars, like Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eric Clapton or U2. Because of the convenient infrastructure, the biggest concerts are organized in Chorzw, Warsaw, Cracow or Gdynia. There are also a few festivals, with one of the most famous Heineken Open'er Festival which takes place every year in the beginning of July in Gdynia.

Tickets are always available via internet, see:


All over the country there are a lot of events organized, especially in the summer time. Film or drama festivals, music events, folk concerts, sports competitions etc. are really worth enjoying them, especially when you are spending your time close to them. So, if you are interested in these kinds of entertainment, do not hesitate to check the event calendar on http://www.topofpoland.com/