Poland unforgettable memories


Shopping centres and hypermarkets

In all big cities in Poland there are shopping centres and hypermarkets open 7 days a week, usually from 9am to 9pm.

TESCO supermarkets (available all over Poland) work 24 hours a day.

The biggest retail chain in Poland is BIEDRONKA. It consists of over 1300 shops which are located all over Poland, even in small towns. The prices of BIEDRONKA are commonly regarded as the lowest, although this opinion doesn't concern all items on display. BIEDRONKA stores are open every day Monday-Saturday: 7am-9pm. Sunday opening hours vary depending on the store. More: http://www.biedronka.pl/str/2/e/3.php?miasto


Small shops as well as shops in villages and small towns are open Monday - Friday from 10am to 6pm, on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. On Sundays, besides shopping centres , only small grocery shops are open.


Markets and bazars with fresh fruit and vegetables where you can also buy clothes and various goods at competitive prices are very popular in Poland. Depending on the city they have their opening days and hours. It's worth asking the hotel staff or locals about it.

Some cities have their own specific fairs really worth visiting. One of the most interesting is St. Dominic's Fair in Gdańsk which is the largest open-air trade and cultural outdoor event in Poland and one of the biggest in EU. In three weeks of August, over a thousand craftsmen, collectors, artists and tradesmen present their work and goods in the centre of the Old Town of Gdansk.

CAUTION: beware of pick pockets in bazars, especially if you suddenly feel strange crowd gathering around you!


It is possible to buy most goods via the internet. Delivery by couriers usually within 24 hours. If the cost of purchase exceeds 100-150pln, the delivery is usually free of charge.


While buying antiques at a flea market, remember that you need a permission to export items which are over 55 years old.

Most 24h gas stations have food and motor shops, but prices there are higher than in regular shops.

Caution: During national holidays (http://www.topofpoland.com/index.php?id=9&t=1#National_Holidays ) the work is off and almost all public and private institutions are closed (including supermarkets, banks & post offices).