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Hotel prices - a bit lower than European; wide price range and standard variety; possibility of booking via internet and through world known hotel chains


Hostels affiliated with the national hostelling usually offer very low standard and 9.00 pm curfew and are frequently used by noisy school groups. Before booking check carefully what kind of hostel it is.

Private rooms and apartments

For best prices browse the internet for private rooms or apartments for rent. Best prices are off-season and in the country.


New dynamically developing country hostelling is called agritourism (agroturystyka). So you can get bed in an original farm and solid farmer food for small amount of money. Caution: the roads in the country might be in very bad condition and your GPS may not be able to find the place but in many cases your effort would be highly rewarded.


Prices are often West European, although the service quality is much lower. If you want to be close to nature, you'd better go to a campground /camp site (named in Polish as: pole namiotowe or pole biwakowe). They offer rather modest infrastructure, but you can enjoy outdoor holidays, admire beautiful landscapes and meet nice tourists. Your friends from the camp may like spending long and noisy nights by the fire. The guitar and beer are then indispensable... Remember not to leave valuables unattended.


Other places worth mentioning are students' hostels, which in summer change into budget hotels. The standard is low, but they are usually located in the centres of big cities. This compensates inconvenience.

An interesting alternative may be accommodation in forest areas (belonging to National Forests). This most probably means staying close to wild nature, like by a mountain stream, lake or in an old forest. You should browse http://www.lesnyprzewodnik.pl/. For little money you can get a room or a place for a tent or camper.

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